Fitwell 4 Life

Fitwell 4 Life
Business Summary:
Fitwell 4 Life believes in wellness for everyone and that we have something that can help everybody.
Business Description:
Our work in the lifestyle sectors of health & fitness, hair & beauty and nutrition all complement each other and provide great crossover benefits and support within the different areas.

You will find our nutritionists, personal trainers, hair and beauty technicians are always happy to help.
Service Summary:
End the waiting game; we’ll help you engage, full speed ahead!
Do you have a waiting room or customers waiting around, browsing whilst waiting for a prescription or the next fitness class?

The Digital Wellness Centre combines digital signage and interactive kiosks that will keep your waiting customers engaged, entertained and educated!
Fitwell 4 Life includes setup, support and running costs, if required, we even provide advertisements and an accompanying website for the full experience.
Phone Number:
Contact Email:
6 Carlton Business Centre,

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